The Work

What It's Like

Structural Integration is a holistic system of massage that realigns the body and rejuvenates the fascial connective tissues.

Using my hands and forearms, I soften and release stuck fascia (also called connective tissue) in the body by applying slow and firm pressure. Once the fascia is pliable, patterns of strain and stress can be removed to align, lengthen and rebalance the body.

Melting away tension in the calves

Everyone experiences it differently.

One client said, " feels like I'm a tube of toothpaste being squeezed. Whatever I don't need must get squeezed out 'cuz after I feel relaxed and refreshed - it's a weird but cool feeling".

Another said "'s soothing. Sometimes it's a bit intense in areas I'm tight but then those areas feel especially amazing afterwards when I feel the relief I've been craving and I have full range of movement again without aches and pains".

The pressure and pace applied to the fascia is adapted to what you can handle to achieve optimal results with minimal discomfort.

Session Info

Sessions are 60-90 minutes, the length depends on the health of your fascia and the work required to achieve the session goals (see The Process below). During the session, you are an involved participant, often being asked to breathe into the area being worked on, to make small movements, and to discuss your movement patterns.

Your first session is a 45minute consultation and includes all of the below or choose a 60- or 90-minute session for more bodywork time:

  • discuss your health history, status, and goals
  • analyze your structure & discuss goals
  • experience the bodywork
  • analyze your structure after the session
  • discuss how best to sit, stand & move with the changes (optional if time)

The Process (The 'Ten Series')

The Ten Series is a process that creates profound structural changes in 10-15 hours of bodywork done over 10 sessions. At least 24 hours is required between sessions to give you time to get used to your new body - too much change at once feels weird and uncomfortable causing people to sometimes reject the changes and revert to old patterns.

The Ten Series is structured as follows:

  • Session 1-3: open and lengthen the fascia of the whole body
  • Session 4-7: differentiate and organize individual joints and segments of the body
  • Session 8-10: integrate body segments into a balanced, cohesive whole system.

Each session has specific goals that systematically build on those of the previous session and is tailored to address your structural needs.

The Changes

The Ten Series addresses structural imbalances from the root cause and from a whole system approach. Results may include but are not limited to:

  • Diminish habitual muscle tension
  • Sit comfortably in meditation
  • Feel comfortable in good posture
  • Better relationships
  • Open/clear energy flow channels to increase capacity to feel and conduit energy
  • Access emotions, memories & wisdom stored in the body
  • Be more confident & happy
  • Stand and walk almost effortlessly
  • More attractive
  • Stand taller
  • Powerful and stable
  • Look younger, taller, slimmer, more successful, more approachable, more aligned and symmetrical
  • Joints move freely
  • Balanced
  • Connected with your body
  • Naturally aligned
  • And more

Balanced structure of pebbles


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