The Rolf Method of Structural Integration relaxes and softens your tense and tender areas, then unravels the patterns of strain and stress embedded in your structure. As natural healthy functioning and posture returns, you look, perform, feel and live much better.

Look Better

  • Younger
  • Taller
  • Slimmer
  • Happier
  • More confident
  • More successful
  • More approachable
  • More aligned and symmetrical
  • Stand and walk gracefully and almost effortlessly
  • More attractive

Do You See a Difference?

Suddenly I can walk comfortably, and seemingly forever, carrying a handbag in my hand or my daughter on my hip without having to exert myself to maintain a decently upright posture; my body assumes this balanced shape without my having to force it. I look less like my usual slumped Sherpa self and more like a chicly confident person.
~Heidi Julavits, Model & Author for Vogue Magazine~

What Vogue Magazine reports about Structural Integration

Perform Better

  • Sit comfortably in meditation
  • Improve performance at work & in athletics
  • Feel better balanced
  • Feel comfortable in good posture
  • Connect with your body

I cannot emphasize enough the knowledge, skills and professionalism of Erica Tickle in her practice. As a physician I searched for appropriate therapists to treat developing pain that was worsening throughout the work day in a sitting environment and interfering with my long distance triathlon training. As a result of her treatments, I am back swimming, cycling and running faster and stronger without pain and have adopted good posture at work.
~Carolyne Lemieux, Physician~

Structural Integration proved to be a powerful force of change in my body. As an RMT, I had the common areas of tension and stress that had degraded my good posture over the years. I felt as if it took a lot of effort to "hold" myself in good form. After only 2 sessions, my spouse noticed that I'm walking better. The whole process was very comfortable and as the areas of my body shifted into place I felt more and more at ease in maintaining my posture. I would recommend a 10 series to any therapist looking to prolong their career and prevent aches and injuries related to poor alignment.
~Jossilynn Flewelling, RMT, RHN, Farmer~

Feel Better

  • Relief from aches and pains
  • Diminish habitual muscle tension

I am currently in the midst of receiving the full 'Ten Series' of sessions with Erica. To date, I've had 3 of the sessions and I would recommend it to anyone! Before my sessions I was in a lot of pain on my left side especially. Even after my first session I could start to feel a difference happening. Erica pays a great deal of attention to her clients and makes sure they feel comfortable at all times.
~Nicola Beedon, Yoga Teacher~

Dr. Andrew Weil's “Four Reasons to Try Rolfing
~Dr Weil, Physician & Author of "Healthy Aging"~

  • Stand taller
  • Joints move freely

Rolfing literally releases the joints...A lot is just freeing up the body to live the way you're supposed to live.
~Dr Oz, Cardiothoracic Surgeon & Host of The Dr Oz Show~

What Dr Oz had to say about “What is Rolfing?” on the Ask Dr. Oz day of The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Live Better

  • Better relationships
  • Open/clear energy flow channels to increase capacity to feel and conduit energy
  • More confident & happy
  • Access emotions, memories & wisdom stored in the body

From my first session with Erica, I could feel myself shifting and something lifting from me. Now I handle situations differently. My relationships have become more honest and I feel free to express and be myself without fear. I feel more solid, energetic and confident in every area of my life!
~Angela de Haas, Holistic Practitioner~

Yoga Better

  • Naturally aligned
  • Powerful and stable
  • You move with purpose and direction
  • Loosened up and more flexible

I decided to receive the Rolf Method of Structural Integration Ten Series after my first session with Erica. My decision was based on the way my spine straightened after just one session as well as the feeling that she understood how to approach my body. I have a strong yoga practice, I visit my mat nearly every day and so after a few years of practice, my body really felt as though it needed a tune up. After completing the Ten Series, my body feels completely different. It feels as though there is more room in my body, my flexibility has increased yet I am more structurally sound in postures. Inversions became effortless, I feel more aware and rooted to my bandhas. I'd definitely recommend this to anybody seeking more body awareness or increased freedom in their movement.
~Alison Piluso, Professor~

What Yoga Journal has to say about the work.

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