Spring is here! Excited by the good weather but feeling stiff, tired, and prone to aches and pains? It's likely caused by a bunch of factors caused by winter. For myself, it's from bracing against the cold, becoming dehydrated by indoor heating systems, and spending less time moving outside in the fresh air and sunshine.

Rolfing melts that winter stiffness into revitalized suppleness. See for yourself with the Introductory Special.

The Rolf Method of Structural Integration, nicknamed Rolfing or Rolf Massage; is a holistic system of deep tissue massage and movement education that adjusts your body structure to manifest your fullest potential.

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A tight and achy leg becomes supple, relaxed and pain-free by softening and releasing tight connective tissue in the back of the leg.

Improve your body and enrich your life.

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Erica Tickle

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